I have over 40 years of experience performing complete home inspections for potential and current property owners. Our home inspections are always done in accordance with MA Standards of Practice.

Property Buyers: A thorough home inspection is a must to make sound decisions. Major repairs may need immediate further investigation before going forward. Minor fixes will help you with a priority list after closing.

Current Homeowners: A home inspection will help you to prioritize your "to do" list.  We are third-parties who are not interested in selling you anything, so there is no pressure from us. We help you make good decisions regarding the maintenance of your home.

Property Sellers: Obtain a home inspection to see if there are any issues that are likely to come up during the selling process. Make informed decisions as to items that you should repair prior to putting your house on the market. Be aware of items you may have to negotiate with the buyer if you don't want to make the repairs prior to getting your house on the market.

Both Major and minor repairs are expensive in today’s market. You will need to get third party estimates from licensed, qualified contractors as Home inspectors are not allowed to give pricing for repairs. Please do not ask, I follow the law.

Attention Clients: I inspect roofs through high powered field glasses and 30-35 power camera lens that brings the roof to me. I take focused images showing the conditions of shingles; I have done this for 20 years without incident. 2-3 times out of 300 yearly inspections, I am unable to see the condition of the roof coverings.

I do not inspect crawl spaces under 3'6" from floor to ceiling, nor do I enter any area(s) that present health hazards, at my discretion. 


A termite inspection is performed at the same time as the home inspection or you may hire me independently specifically to check for termite infestation in your home.


Radon air testing kits are available.  I will place air vials at the inspection site for radon testing.  These kits must stay in place not less than 48 hours or more than 96 hours and then sent to the lab for testing. Once the testing kit has been in place for 48 hours, normally you or the broker will mail or deliver the vials to the lab for testing.  For an additional fee, I can pick up the testing vials and bring them to the lab.


There are many water quality testing plans from the most basic to the elaborate. I carry price lists and water tests with me. Ask me for more information about which test is good for your situation.

Testing kits are free, quality water plans vary from $125 to several hundreds; a popular comprehensive plan is $175.


Go on line or call lab for all the different plans available. You may take the water sample to the lab or I charge $50. To deliver.

Flow testing, maintaining 5 gallons per minute (gpm) for two hours in conjunction with home inspection: $45. Performance letter issued.


MA Title V System Inspector License #2161

Title 5 Inspections differ in price according to the work involved, normally between $550- 750, pumping not included.


Call for price and availability, mostly Middlesex, Worcester County.

BP Plus Home Inspection serving MA for 40 years.


MA Home Inspection License


MA Title V System Inspector License


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