As with all my inspections, I bring considerable experience. The son of a builder, who grew up doing the work I am now inspecting.


A past builder myself, ASHI certified, # 245, State Licensed, #238. Over 10,000 paid home inspections, spanning 40 years.


Our Red Standard Package will cover most people's Home Inspection needs, including Termite inspection, two canister radon kit that I set, and home Inspection to MA Standards.


Someone has to pick up, finish paperwork and deliver the radon testing kit to a post office or lab, not earlier than 48 hours or more than 96 hours.

Flir C-3 infrared camera used in aiding to find thermal abnormalities, including electric, water leaks and heat loss. Not to be considered an extensive infrared thermal inspection, but another tool in the tool box.

Report is issued at end of inspection as I have a printer in my van. That night I will scan and send the report e-mail, so you have a copy to move around electronically, I will also send all the pictures taken via google drive, these are not captioned.

Single Family, under 50 years of age, under 3000 square feet: $445.00

Single Family, over 50 years of age, under 3000 square feet: $495.00

Over 3000 square feet, add $50.00 per 1000 square feet.

Multi Families, Mother in Law, additional units, Add $75.00 per unit.

Example, 3 Family over 50 years of age, $495, plus two units @ $75 each, equals: $645.00

Pricing subject to change - call for specific quote.


The Gold Premium Package is an upgrade over our standard Home Inspection.


Here are some of the upgrades:

  • Computerized report with summary page.

  • 25-100 colored captioned pictures to view and describe defects.

  • Captioning pictures take additional time, depending on picture count.

  • Flir C-3 infrared camera used in aiding to find electric problems, possible water leaks, and heat loss (not to be considered an extensive infrared thermal inspection)

  • Thermal pictures included in report associated with defects.

  • Operating basic controls to built in appliances (stove, ovens, hood fans and dishwasher, not microwave appliances). Today's computerized appliances need high tech evaluation by a competent “appliance service company”,  that is beyond the scope of this inspection.

  • I use high quality equipment. Nikon cameras with 30-35 power lens for roofs, chimneys. Tele-steps telescopic ladders to access view to attics as accessible. Several high quality electrical testing devices and Streamlight stinger LED HL flashlight.


Time at inspection will be a minimum of 3-4 hours depending on conditions of house, age, size and single to multi units. Additional time needed for larger / multi-unit properties Two [2] additional hours to generate report at my office and e-mailed as completed, within 24 hours. 

Single Family Homes under 50 years of age and under 3000 square feet: $750.00

Single Family Homes over 50 years and under 3000 square feet: $850.00

Single Family Homes over 3000 square feet: add $50 per 500 square feet. Example, house under 50 years of age, 6000 square feet would cost, 750. + 6 x 50 = $1050

Add $125 per additional unit, mother in law suite.
Attached garages are part of the inspection; detached garages, barns and tool sheds are not and will be priced separately, if wanted.

The Premium Package is for the buyer who wants / needs the inspector to have the time to perform additional testing / investigation that otherwise would not be afforded.

Pricing subject to change - call for specific quote.

BP Plus Home Inspection serving MA for 40 years.


MA Home Inspection License


MA Title V System Inspector License


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